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Hazelrigg Dentistry offers a wide array of services to help you keep your smile looking it's best. To learn more about the individual services that Hazelrigg Dentistry has, simply click a link below and you will be directed directly to that information.

Hazelrigg Dentistry Services

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Tools for Comfortable Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide Gas  |||  Computerized Local Anesthetic Delivery  |||  Intra-Oral Camera


Hazelrigg Dentistry Services

  • Routine Hygiene: Cleaning, periodontal probing, radiographs, and a fluoride treatment.  This is a vital part of our commitment to helping patients achieve a completely healthy mouth.

  • Scaling:  Deep cleaning by removing plaque and calculus from around the supporting tissues of the teeth, including the roots and gums.

  • Whitening: Custom-made trays combined with prescription-strength bleaching gel that patients can take home to dramatically lighten the shade of their teeth.

  • Restorations:  Removing decay and filling the tooth with hygienic material.  Fillings can be made of amalgam, composite, or porcelain.

  • Bonding: Using a composite material to reshape teeth or fill gaps between teeth while maintaining tooth structure.  This is a way to dramatically change the look of your smile without the price tag of veneers.

  • Veneers: Either a porcelain or composite covering over the front aspect of the teeth so as to improve their appearance while conserving tooth structure.

  • Implants:  Replacements for missing teeth that are as natural as your own teeth in both appearance and function

  • Crowns: Porcelain or metal caps that cover the entire surface of the tooth.  Crowns can be used to protect the tooth from fractures or replace large fillings.  Crowns are a great way to create a more durable tooth while also enhancing the esthetic appearance.

  • Bridges:  Dental restorations that “bridge-the-gap” between crowns.  Bridges can be a common alternative to implants or a denture.

  • Dentures:  Removable appliance set in acrylic or metal that can be used to replace multiple missing teeth

  • Limited Orthodontics: Straightening teeth using retainers or short-term brackets to correct minor misalignments

  • Root Canal Therapy:  Saving an infected tooth by removing unhealthy nerves/blood vessels and filling the space with a hygienic filling material.

  • Soft Tissue Contouring:  minor gum surgery and contouring  using an electro-surgical tool

Tools for Comfortable Dentistry

  • Nitrous Oxide Gas: Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” this gas can be easily administered to decrease the anxiety of dental treatment.

  • Computerized Local Anesthetic Delivery:  Instead of using a syringe, we use a computerized “wand” that delivers local anesthetic at a level below the pain threshold.

  • Intra-Oral Camera:  Review your own oral health alongside our staff with enlarged pictures that allow you to see what we see.