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“When I first moved to Columbia, I told a friend that I have ‘high maintenance teeth and a low pain-threshold.’” She told me ‘no problem’ and directed me to your practice and she was right!  From the moment I walked in, I noticed that every staff member was friendly, welcoming, caring, thorough, and absolutely committed to providing each patient with the best quality of care and would not settle for anything that was not the best work humanly possible.”
Kate Hartley, Columbia, SC

“I am almost 60 years old and over the past, I had neglected good dental health.  I had broken teeth, cracked and missing fillings, and had developed gum disease.  In 2007, I had total kidney failure, so to be a good candidate for a transplant, I have to be infection-free.  This also included a full dental treatment.  I found the perfect dentists in your practice.  You took the time to explain and treat my problems in a very personal and caring manner.  I have a wonderful smile now and enjoy my relationship with your entire team.  I recommend your practice to everyone and I am so grateful to you all.  You are truly a family-style dental practice that cares about my well-being.  The professional results are not only exactly what I needed, but was completely pain-free and very relaxing.”
Stan Arazie, Columbia, SC

“After having gone for years to numerous individuals fitting all classifications of oral medicine, seeking an alternative to being told “false teeth” were my definite fate, I found Dr. George Levkoff.  He and the tireless efforts of his knowledgeable and dedicated staff restored unto me a smile and a life beyond all my hopes and dreams.  Dr. Levkoff proved to be the needed “visionary” to see what might be done. Through his care, abilities, and insight into dental reconstruction and engineering, he gave me back my physical and emotional health in the form of a simple smile and all the vanity and self-image that necessarily come with it.”
Sam Abrams, Columbia, SC

“My husband and I began seeing Dr. Charles Hazelrigg in 2007 after being with our former dentist for over 20 years.  We didn’t want just to be “patched up” any longer and were ready for a fresh and updated look at our dental health.  That is just what we found with Dr. Hazelrigg.  By using his oral camera, we were able to really see our dental state for the first time.  Throughout the past two years we have worked with Dr. Hazelrigg and his staff to transform our smiles by replacing dated and failing crowns and replacing our old “silver” fillings with tooth colored composite ones.  This has made a world of difference with my confidence and my smile.  I recommend Dr. Hazelrigg to anyone I meet and will continue to for a lifetime. “
Jackie Crosby, Lexington, SC